Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2007 Ave Gran Riserva Malbec

I drink a lot of Argentinian Malbec because I really like the flavor profile as well as the fact that you can get outstanding examples all day long for $15-25. But I don't think I've yet had one like the 2007 Ave Gran Riserva Malbec, Mendoza. The first thing you notice is the color which is much darker than most Malbecs. The nose is freakishly extracted with espresso, mocha, citrus oil and cherry cough syrup. The palate follows through with more of the cherry cough syrup and citrus flavors. The tannins are fierce and the acid is off the charts. Finish is a bit clipped. Hides the 14.2% alcohol pretty well.

To be honest, the acidity makes it pretty hard to enjoy without food. And it even managed to completely overpower tonight's pork tenderloin (grilled over apple and hickory) with chimichurri sauce. Not for the faint of heart. You'll definitely want to open this one with a well-marbled ribeye or KC strip. About $24.

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