Thursday, February 6, 2014

2011 Groundwork Grenache

Been working hard and selling lots of wine as of late. After listening to all the nay-sayers tell us that January was going to be a horrible month, it turned out to be pretty damn good. In fact, our gross sales in January were about the same as November and December. Granted, we put a lot of wine on sale in January so our net might not be as good as it was late last year, but we certainly didn't mail it in like others suggested we do. So I've mostly been drinking leftover bottles of wines I've tasted on retailers and restauranteurs. As well as a lot of new samples from wineries that I'm not at liberty to reveal yet. But when my wife told me she bought some salmon for dinner tonight, I thought it would be a good reason excuse to pick up a bottle of red.

The wines of Sans Liege are relatively new to the Kansas market. I saw them start to pop up here last summer or so. I actually wanted to bring them into the Amphora (now StemTime) fold at one time, but I was a little scared off by some of the higher price point wines. They have since signed on with another distributor here who has a done a good job in placing them throughout the market.

Tonight's bottle of 2011 Sans Liege Groundwork Grenache, Central Coast has a rather transparent color; much lighter than the Grenaches I'm used to seeing from Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. Offers up some nice strawberry, tart cherry, licorice and cola notes on the nose; most of which follow through on the palate. Tart and tannic in the mouth, I was hoping for a little more richness here. Long, acidic, tart red fruit on the finish with just a hint of charred oak. Overall, I wasn't terribly disappointed by this wine, but I wasn't thrilled, either. Normally priced at $20, I'm glad I only paid $14 for it at one of my retail accounts. Although it was a bit tart and acidic on its own, it paired quite nicely with tonight's broiled salmon with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus with Parmesan cheese. If you're tempted to try one of these, I would definitely recommend it with food.


  1. Bill, I'd take-up your recommendation, as I love tasting wines out of the California box of Merlots/Cabernets; thanks for the informative review,

  2. We're currently waiting on our Sans Life order! I'm excited.