Thursday, October 14, 2010

2008 Enkidu Rosso Fazekas

If the last two wines have been disappointing, tonight's wine more than made up for it. I was very impressed with the 2008 Enkidu Rosso Fazekas E, Napa Valley. The wine is a complex blend of 86% Sangiovese and 7% each of Syrah and Petit Sirah. All of the beautiful, bitter cherry, licorice, dust and almond extract I look for in a good Sangiovese with a spice component which, no doubt, comes from the Syrah and Petit Sirah. Considerably more tannic than I thought it would be. It should go without saying that the acidity is off the charts. Whiff of vanilla from the French oak, but the oak is definitely relegated to a supporting role. Think of it as a Super Tuscan with an injection of Napa Valley fruit.

Sublime paired with grilled Italian sausage tossed with penne pasta and a quick tomato cream sauce.

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