Thursday, December 19, 2013

2011 Colonia las Liebres Bonarda

Dinner tonight was a delicious spinach risotto topped with grilled Italian sausage. Not having any Italian wine in the cellar, I went for something that I was hoping would be pretty rustic. And I wasn't disappointed. I recently purchased the 2011 Colonia las Liebres Bonarda, Mendoza as a part of a mixed case of inexpensive wines; all of which were new to me. Very, very dark in color, the wine has beautiful aromatics of grapey blackberry preserves, bay leaf, leather and a whiff of alcohol. Thick and rich on the palate with considerable black pepper and moderate tannins. 100% stainless steel fermented and aged, so no hint of oak.A very nice wine for about $12. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again and pair it with anything off the grill.

Originally a French grape known as Douche Noir, it is hardly grown at all in France now. Bonarda is most widely planted in Argentina today where it is second only to Malbec in acres. The grape is also grown in California where it is most commonly referred to as Charbano.

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  1. Interesting info, Bill!
    If I remember correctly Ridge blends with its own Bonarda!