Saturday, March 31, 2012

2010 Copain Tous Ensemble Syrah

I wasn't in the mood for an Italian red with tonight's spaghetti with meatballs so I snagged the last bottle of 2010 Copain Tous Ensemble Syrah, Mendocino from work. Deep garnet color. The first sip of this wine was very gassy and prickly on the tip of the tongue but an aggressive decanting (read: turn the bottle upside down in the decanter) seemed to fix the problem. Tart strawberry and raspberry aromas and flavors with just a hint of peppery spice. Rather simple and disappointing and nothing about this really says "Syrah" to me. Quite alcoholic with moderate tannins and a long, slightly green finish. Oak is not noticeable. Really suffers from a lack of richness and definition of fruit. I've enjoyed multiple bottles of various vintages of Copain's Tous Ensemble Viognier, but I can't say my first bottle of Copain Syrah has been very inspirational. About $20


  1. Bill, once again, you've done your readers a service; I for one commend you.

    1. I wanted to like this one even more so than the Kilikanoon. I'm hoping it was an off bottle because of the residual carbonic gas (a sign of re-fermentation). Not sure if I care enough, though, to take a chance on another bottle when so many wines in that $20-$25 price range are vying for my attention.