Saturday, March 10, 2012

Candor Merlot "Lot 3"

I don't drink a whole hell of a lot of Merlot because I find most of it to be rather hollow and sad. But the nonvintage Candor Lot 3 Merlot, Central Coast is an exception to the rule. This wine made by the Hope Family umbrella of wines (Liberty School, Austin Hope, Treana and Troublemaker being their other brands) is an intriguing blend of three different vintages of Merlot from vineyards sourced throughout the Central Coast. Deep garnet color. Beautiful aromatics of milk chocolate, cherry, vanilla and licorice. Quite full-bodied with chewy tannins and dry mocha and cherry flavors. Finishes long with dry, pleasant bay leaf, cocoa and cassia notes. Easily the most memorable Merlot I've had in a long time. 14.5% alcohol is barely noticeable. About $19.

Dinner was a charcoal-grilled tri-tip I rubbed down with the dry rub I usually reserve for ribs and pork shoulder. The caramelized brown sugar played really well with the wine's sweet fruit flavors.


  1. Bill, I've seen this label before, I think it was a Zin; have you tried their Zin, and if so how was it?
    Also, good review too, I'm not usually into Merlot either, but since it seems everyone is getting into French wines I hope to find some of them to compare with Cal. and the NW.
    Every time I read your blog I'm amazed at what a treasure it is.
    Bee good,

  2. Thanks, Dennis.

    This is the first wine I've tried from Candor. I think their Zin is also a multi-vintage effort. Would be interesting to try. I mean if we're going to encourage winemakers to blend grape varieties for complexity, then why not get behind the idea of blending vintages?