Friday, February 3, 2012

Sh*t Wine Geeks Say

Have you seen this? I thought it was hilarious.

Reminds me of a good day at work or the time I spend updating the blog! Ha!


  1. That was pretty funny, though I have to worry about what was in his hand when that Pinot was "poopy"....

  2. Replies
    1. That's actually Daryl, a friend of mine. He'll be thrilled to know it made it into another state! In fact, I told him I'd share it as well...guess I'd better get on that, but I gotta get my butt to work!

    2. Another state? He made it all over Facebook! That's where I saw it. It was a "share" from a guy I know who lives in Michigan. Another friend from Texas "shared" it later that day, too.

      Your boy Daryl is soon to be a legend amongst wine geeks! Well done!

    3. Silly me. What would we do without Facebook?

      Whoops, I spelled his name wrong. It's Darryl - awesome & funny as hell, & one of the coolest wine geek out there. It truly is my pleasure to know him. Really.