Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2009 Sean Minor Pinot Noir

I know it's completely cliche by now, but I just can't get over the unbelievable value of Sean Minor's wines; particularly his Pinot Noir. Tonight's 2009 Sean Minor Pinot Noir, Carneros gives up intoxicating aromas of buttery brioche, red fruits (think: cherry, strawberry) and vanilla with just a flutter* of sweet Asian spice. Super smooth on the medium body with cherry-vanilla notes, moderate tannins and balancing acidity. I've said it many times and I'll say it again: you just won't find a better California Pinot Noir for under $20.

Beautiful pairing with tonight's grilled salmon with an Asian five-spice powder rub, roasted sweet potato and braised Brussels sprouts. The last bottle of a case purchased last fall. Time to reload......

*tip of the cap to my brother-in-law


  1. I'm going to have to look around for his wines. I know I saw one of his Chards, I believe, but I can't recall where. I only realized it because of your posts.

  2. I like his Chard a lot. I think it's even cheaper than his Pinot. $12.99 around here, I think. But you have to be in the mood for a big, opulent California Chard.

    Every once in a while I like a wine like that. Call it a "guilty pleasure" :)

  3. Bill, I too looked around for one of these, and after two months or so i found one; I'm waiting for the PN plunge-time.

    1. Months? Yikes! I hope it can live up to the expectations....