Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2009 Red Silk Shiraz

The 2009 Oliverhill Winery Red Silk Shiraz, McLaren Vale is anything but your typical Australian fruit bomb. I love the saturated color that temporarily stains the glass as it settles after a good swirling. There's a nice core of that jammy red and black fruit that one would expect from an Aussie Shiraz, but from there, the wine takes a wild departure. On the palate, the deep fruit is augmented by an atypical earthy/black olive flavor profile as well as acidity not normally associated with this varietal/region. Not a whole lot of spice or pepper, but the finish is long with sweet/tart acidity. Relatively tame tannins suggest consumption sooner rather than later. The (mostly) French cooperage is greatly appreciated and is relegated to a minor, supporting role. Consistent with a bottle sampled at a staff meeting last week and a nice value in the mid-high teen range.

Enjoyed tonight with grilled beef fajitas, home made chunky guacamole and black beans.

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