Sunday, July 31, 2011

2008 Bennett Lane "Turn Four" Cabernet

I hadn't had the 2008 Bennett Lane Turn Four Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa County since New Year's Eve. With some thick KC strips on the grill I thought it was a good time for a revisit. Still shows great color. Super sweet cherries and licorice on the nose and palate with hints of dry cocoa on the palate. Slick French oak; think vanilla and black shoe polish. Medium-bodied with nice tannins and balancing acidity. Not terribly complex, but what's there is there in spades and quite delicious. 14.5% alcohol is very apparent. A blend of sustainable vineyards from the Calistoga, Oakville and St. Helena districts of Napa. Proof that you can still get a nice California Cabernet for $20 or so.


  1. I'll have to look for this one, although with our current heatwave, I'm so not into drinking Cab...however, a few of my $20 Napa Cabs are Twenty Rows from Vinoce, Edge, & Fuse (which has some Syrah blended in). The last 2 are side projects of Signorello Vineyards & really very good. If you're able to get them wherever you are, check them out!

    Black shoe polish? That's a new one...

  2. Bill, I love what you have to say about this wine, but, (For those who like labels) this has a great presentation; I haven't seen this here, nor have I tried the Twenty Rows: something to look forward to.