Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc, Trumpeter Malbec

2008 Rutherford Vintners Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley - This is the fruit-forward California style Sauvignon Blanc that really hits the spot when it's 100 degrees outside and you just finished unpacking countless suitcases of dirty laundry after a 10-day family "vacation." Beautiful melon and peach aromas and flavors with crisp acidity and just a touch of richness. Am I crazy or is there a hint of Riesling-like petrol in the nose, too? I think I paid about $14 at a retailer in Florida.

I've enjoyed the past 3-4 vintages of Trumpeter Malbec, but for some reason the 2010 Rutini Trumpeter Malbec, Mendoza left me flat. The current vintage offers really tart strawberry and raspberry aromas and follows up with more thin, underripe, acidic fruit on the palate. Light body. No tannins (or finish) to speak of. Nor does it feature any of the smoke, coffee, spice or lush fruit that I enjoy from Argentinian Malbec. I paired this with grilled KC strips with chimichurri tonight and the vinegary chimichurri sauces helped smooth out the wine a bit (much like an acidic tomato sauce balances out an acidic Chianti) but it was still far from pleasurable. A disappointing $11.

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