Saturday, January 15, 2011

2009 Corvidae "Mirth" Chardonnay

A week or so ago I made a delicious sweet corn risotto that was unfortunately completely overpowered by a pork chop or steak or something. So tonight I recreated the risotto and used it as a carrying vessel for BBQ salmon. The salmon was quickly cured with a sugar/salt/spice rub and smoked over cherry wood. At the last minute I glazed it with the super sweet and spicy Meat Mitch BBQ sauce.

The wine was the 2009 Corvidae Mirth Chardonnay, Columbia Valley. A beautiful, 100% tank-raised, non-malolactic Chardonnay, it oozes aromas and flavors of peach, mango and nutmeg. Nice acidity. I recommend drinking this outstanding value Chardonnay at or near room temperature.

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