Saturday, January 22, 2011

2008 Dona Paula Malbec

Well, it's been a rough couple of nights around here; at least on the wine front. Last night I opened two terribly corked bottles of 2008 Tormaresca Neprica, Puglia to accompany our home made pizza. Sensing that Italian wine just wasn't in the cards, I switched gears and pulled the cork on a bottle of 2008 Dona Paula Estate Malbec, Mendoza. And the fact that didn't suffer from a tainted cork might be the nicest thing I can say about it. The nose has a very light, tart, almost citrusy aroma to it; more orange and cranberry than the usual dark fruits I expect from Malbec. You can practically smell the acidity oozing out of the glass. And on the palate the acid really takes over; attacking the tongue and obliterating whatever meager fruit might be trying to peek through. I get no plush fruit here. No spice. No oak. Just a really thin, tart, acidic wine that could be (poorly) made from any grape from any wine region. A disappointing $16.

I look online and I see this wine getting great reviews by professional critics as well as bloggers like myself and I wonder if I just got a really bad bottle. I have one more bottle of this in the cellar. Let us hope that this bottle was just an aberration and the next is a more worthy example of the grape.

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