Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2009 Baileyana Firepeak Vineyard Chardonnay

Been thinking about getting back into blogging recently. Truth is, I'm pretty much just drinking wines I distribute and/or wines that I've already blogged on in the past so there just hasn't been much reason to hunt and peck on the keyboard. But as I was out making sales today I realized I didn't have anything at home that would pair well with tonight's meal featuring a rich risotto topped with sauteed shrimp. So I bought this at my last stop of the day along with his last two bottles of Samuel Adams Third Voyage Double IPA; my current favorite beer.

The 2009 Baileyana Firepeak Vineyard Chardonnay, Edna Valley has a light golden color and a rich and round, brioche-like nose that suggests a fat, over-oaked Chardonnay awaits in the glass. But the palate is alive with lemony, mineral flavors and electrifying acidity. A touch alcoholic at 14.1%, but not a major distraction. Finishes with a touch of burnt matchstick which provided a nice contrast to the rich and buttery risotto. A perfectly delicious way to spend $20.


  1. Bill, I don't drink much in the way of beer, but SA's is one of them!
    Also, Baileyana, I found to have a tamed-down buttery quality (Which I prefer), and all their wines strike me as a bit better than average,

  2. I'm pretty sure this is the first wine I've had from Baileyana. But based on the strength of the Chard, I might have to try one of their Pinots one of these days. Very restrained, balanced wine.

    I don't drink much beer, either, but I do love the occasional IPA or Double/Imperial IPA. The Sam Adams "Third Voyage" is a limited release DIPA that is maltier than most DIPAs. Really gets dogged for that if you look at sites like Beer Advocate, but I love it. I think it was an early 2013 release and it's all but gone from this market. Been keeping my eye on a stash in Lawrence and it was down to two yesterday so I felt the need to liberate them. Got some Spiegelau IPA glasses on the way. Can't wait to do a little side-by-side with this beer in a pint glass and in the specially-designed Spiegelau!