Saturday, September 1, 2012

2010 Di Majo Norante Sangiovese

The 2010 Di Majo Norante Sangiovese, IGT Terra Degli Osci is considerably darker than most other wines from this grape. I would think that would indicate a bit more extraction in the "international" style, but it isn't necessarily so. Smoky hickory and stewed plums on the nose. Rather sharp and acidic in the mouth with tart cherry notes. Neither my wife nor I could get past a first glass of this on the first night as it exhibited a rather nasty petroleum note. Seemed to calm down a bit on day two, but it is still isn't anything to get excited over, even in the sub-$10 range. Ricotta-stuffed shells baked in tomato sauce didn't do anything to balance the shrill acidity.

I've tried a bottle of this wine every couple of year now since the late 90s and I can't remember ever being impressed. I struggle to see how it consistently garners glowing praise and 90 point ratings from critics.


  1. Bill, this review is worth ten Snooth links, and I'm glad you've stepped-out of the box to tell your customers: "Not a buy!"
    The labels nice, and I have bought more than one bottle (maybe two) for that reason.
    Did you see Claire's new post? Wow, can she write!

    1. Claire is quite the wordsmith. Her posts have a very nice flow to them; almost like a diary entry. I wish I could write like that. I've tried a few installments like that, but I always go back and edit them down before posting them here as they come across to me (my own worst critic) as aimless and rambling. For now, I'll just stick to the analytical tasting note + here's what's for dinner format.

      As you well know, there are no sacred cows when it comes to my wine reviews! I just don't "get" this wine and I won't pretend that I do.