Thursday, September 20, 2012

2007 Little Red Boots Petite Sirah

My business partner Chris stopped by (okay, no one really "stops by" my place in the sticks) this afternoon for a little impromptu business meeting where we signed few documents and talked a little strategy. We called the Kansas Department of Revenue and found out that our Business Tax Application had been processed and accepted. Next stop...liquor license! While we were sitting at the table, we got the crazy idea to twist a screw cap and try another wine that we'd like to bring on board. With Chris not being very familiar with Petite Sirah, I sensed an educational opportunity to open the 2007 Little Red Boots Old Vine Petite Sirah, Solano County from J.R. Storey Winery.

Deeply colored and murky in the glass, you can immediately tell this wine has never been subjected to a filter. I love that. Huge nose of blackberry jam, black pepper, brier and a hint of sweet vanilla. I got a good dose of American oak on the nose earlier this afternoon, but by the time I came back to re-visit after dinner to take notes, it has completely subsided. The oak aging is apparent, but it is very gracious and harmonious. Huge in the mouth with the black pepper and blackberry notes. The tannins and acidity are downright massive. Okay, maybe treating this like a cocktail wine wasn't the best decision I've ever made. As delicious as this is by itself, I can't help but think it would be even better with a slab of ribs or a steak au poivre. I suppose you could keep this for a while if you're afraid of the tannins, but I would just recommend drinking it now with bold food. Worth every penny of $20

Boilerplate: This was provided free of charge by J.R. Storey Winery and I am considering distributing their wines in Kansas.


  1. Bill, so far it seems this line is a winner!

  2. I agree with Dennis - this sounds right up my alley.

    Bill, don't regret drinking it on its own. I do this all the time. While drinking it with the appropriate food is also good, it can change the wine enough that I can't always appreciate the nuances as it opens up. So, screw it - if you enjoyed it, then that's what counts! Oh, & congrats on your next move up the red tape cargo net!