Saturday, May 12, 2012

2009 Vina Robles Red 4

I hope no one from Dairy Queen reads this and sues me for using their word, but the 2009 Vina Robles Red 4, Paso Robles is scrumpdillicious! Beautifully deep color and legs that stain the side of a big ol' Riedel stem. Chocolate-covered cherries on the nose and palate with a healthy sprinkle of fresh-cracked black pepper. Good bit of sweet fennel bulb and baking spice lurking in the shadows as well. Really long, dry, dusty, cocoa-like finish with more substantial tannins than you would expect for a $15 wine. Nice acidity, too. Not sure what the oak program is with this wine, but it isn't noticeable. A tremendously drinkable and food-friendly blend of 42% Petite Sirah, 28% Grenache, 22% Syrah and 8% Mourvedre.

Dinner was my not-yet-famous "mixed grill." I grill up a couple of links of Italian sausage and while they are relaxing, I throw on a mess of sliced zucchini, yellow squash and eggplant bathed in olive oil and spices. Then slice everything and serve over a bed of soft, cheesy polenta with a dollop of tomato sauce. Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of garden-fresh Italian parsley for garnish. (I always dust mine with some crushed red pepper flakes, too.)


  1. Bill, did I say: "You the man!" Well, here goes again, and you are. The wine is where the rubber meets the road (QPR), and the feast looks fine.
    I'm sure the smell of sausage on the grill will reach SS's olfactory sense.

    I love the way certain words 'feel' in my mouth, like Botswana or Mogadishu, but Mourvedre is right up there.

    1. Great wine from some great people. Visited the winery while in Paso about 3 years ago. It's this huge, opulent, Napa-like facility on the east side of Paso, a region mostly known for smaller, family-owned wineries on the west side of town.

      Of course, their best stuff never reaches Kansas. They make a great Zinfandel as well as a Cabernet/Petit Verdot blend called "Suendero." Wish I had bought more Suendero when I was there!