Thursday, December 8, 2011

2010 Tinto Negro Reserve Malbec

Had an interesting evening with the 2010 Tinto Negro Uco Valley Reserve Malbec, Mendoza tonight. Until tonight, I don't think I'd ever had an Uco Valley Malbec or any other Malbec described (according to the back label) as "cool climate." The color is as dark, if not darker than any other Malbec I've ever had. One of those wines so dark that it literally sucks the light out of the room. The nose is a melange of herbal cherry notes reminiscent of cherry cough syrup or Jagermeister. More cough syrup flavor on the palate accompanied by some odd carob and maple notes. No alcohol to note. Serious tannins. The wine is aged in French oak (10% new) for 9 months, but I don't detect any oak notes. About $20

Are those medicinal notes typical for cool climate Malbec? Not sure I really ejoyed this wine tonight with my BBQ turkey, baked beans and cole slaw, but it certainly was a unique learning experience.

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  1. Bill said: "so dark that it literally sucks the light out of the room." Very KOOL wording there, sort of a "Black hole in a Bottle!"
    It's always fun when word-smithing works.
    Be good,