Friday, June 3, 2011

2010 Sean Minor Vin Gris

I've been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to try the latest release from Sean Minor and tonight was the perfect occasion. The menu for this evening was leftover paella (going on a week now, about time to pitch the leftovers) and a wondermous salad of garden-fresh greens tossed with a sherry-orange vinaigrette, diced roasted beets and croquettes of goat cheese. Turns out the 2010 Sean Minor Pinot Noir Vin Gris, Carneros was the perfect pairing for just such a salad. The wine has a middle-of-the-road copper color as far as roses are concerned. The nose is a fruit salad of strawberry, cherry, watermelon and a hint of fresh-snipped mint. Rich, full-bodied and bone dry on the palate with earthy cherry flavors and a long acidic finish. Beautifully balanced. As nice as this was on its own merits it really stood out with the beet salad where the acidity of the wine perfectly balanced the citrus vinaigrette and the earthiness of the wine really worked with the earthiness of the roasted beets. I can see myself going through many bottles of this wine over the summer. Great value at $15.

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