Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2005 Ch. de Montfaucon Cotes du Rhone

Roasted chicken was on the menu tonight as we settled in to see how much snow we'll have on the ground tomorrow morning. I usually grab a Pinot Noir here, but instead I decided to go with a Cotes du Rhone to pair with the aggressive spice rub I applied to the chicken. The 2005 Chateau de Montfaucon Baron Louis Cotes du Rhone has the typical light garnet color of a CdR with a touch of cloudy sediment. The nose is full of sweet/tart red fruits - strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, etc. Also present is a hint of black pepper and some pretty herbal notes. The palate is very dry and there's a disconcerting note of cardboard/newspaper there that I suspect might be a touch of cork taint. My wife, however, (someone who is typically quick to spot a corked wine) just said it was a "French earthiness." Not sure who's correct here, but either way the palate wasn't terribly enjoyable to me. So I hesitate to recommend this to anyone. I have one more in the cellar so I'll have to gather another data point before passing judgment.

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