Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2011 Evodia Old Vines Garnacha, Calatayud

Continuing along with my box of inexpensive wines I've never had, tonight's selection was the 2011 Evodia Old Vines Garnacha, Calatayud. This is an absolutely stunning wine and at $8.49 (before discount!) a stunning value. According to the label, this wine comes from 100 year old vines planted at 2400-3000 feet elevation. I'm at a loss for how someone can produce this wine, transport it across the ocean, mark it up 3 times (importer, wholesaler, retailer) and still make money on this at such a ridiculously low price.

Anyway, back to the wine. Textbook Spanish Grenache with sexy blueberry cobbler, mineral, sweet Mediterranean herbs and minty mocha notes on the nose and palate. Tannins are something of an afterthought so drink it up now. Long, herbaceous finish plays well with tonight's dinner of grilled flank steak with charmoula sauce. We also had parsley potatoes (parsley from the garden) and broiled asparagus (asparagus from the garden) with Parmesan cheese.


  1. Yeah...that wine is ridiculously good.

  2. Never seen this one. Jorge Ordonez?

  3. Actually, no! You'd think it would be, but it's Eric Solomon or something like it. Really great juice.

  4. Adding this one to my shopping list.

  5. Bill, I have 3 vintages of this wine, but never had a chance to get to them; your note on their longevity is a motivation to do so. Thanks,

  6. Nick, wow, I almost ran into you;-)

  7. Yeah, Fo, it's an Eric Solomon import.

    Dennis, I obviously don't have any multi-vintage track record of this wine's ageability, but I suspect it is best consumed young. I would love your take on some other vintages. Perhaps my assessment is off.

    With the case discount bringing this into the $7 range, it's easily one of the best values in recent memory.

  8. Bill, I just came up from digging in the cellar, low and behold I discovered I have 2007, 08, 09, 10, and 11; I guess since it always has been a good value I just bought them and didn't think twice. I think I'll just go a head and taste the 07 and "11 for greatest contrast. I'll let you know.

  9. Seeing it here in NJ for $6. Preparing to Back Truck.

  10. Bill, though my tasting notes are different from yours (wish I had your palate:) our satisfaction seems to be the same.
    On two posts I make my points, but find that the 2007 has aged gracefully, and may still have a couple of years to boot!
    Thanks for encouraging me to tastes these!

    1. Don't sell your palate short, Dennis! I love your tasting notes.

      And I'm now insanely jealous that you have 4 or 5 vintages of this in your cellar. Wish I had had the foresight to stock up on a few of the past vintages.