Monday, July 9, 2012

2009 Revelry Merlot

I can't disagree with the winemaker (or whoever wrote the label descriptor) for the 2009 Revelry Vintners Merlot, Columbia Valley. Whoever it was absolutely nailed it with descriptors of blueberry, cherry spice, cocoa and subtle oak. Medium-bodied with that tell-tale "hollow" mid-palate aspect that generally afflicts Merlot. Turns a bit green on the finish. But overall, I really like this for about $15 and it was quite nice with a grilled tri-tip. I'm very appreciative of the fact that the American oak doesn't in any way intrude on the fruit with any off-flavors of Bourbon or dill. Moderate tannins, but don't age this. Pop a cork and enjoy now!

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  1. Bill, how's the progress going?
    Knowing your work ethic and smarts, things should be moving right along.
    It seems that one approach must be those high QPR wines which will surprise your clientele.
    I'm very curious as to your marketing approach, and being that you're SO busy I don't expect an answer, but this is interesting to me, but if you don't want to comment here, I'd be interested in an e-mail. PS, I have no plans of getting into the business in any capacity, and my blog is just my hobby, however I'm am curious as to your Madison Ave. approach to differentiating yourself from the crowd.
    In NH, I have my favorite places, and I understand why, but in the end, it is price and availability of product, but trusted and friendly proprietors make a huge difference.
    See you,