Thursday, November 10, 2011

2008 Razor's Edge Shiraz/Grenache

Tried the 2008 Razor's Edge Shiraz/Grenache, McLaren Vale tonight with some awful take-out pizza. (But I won't hold that against the wine.) The color is a deep and dark as you would expect from a full throttle Aussie red. Lots of juicy raspberry and cranberry fruit in the nose as well as some distressing rubber/tar aromas. Although the wine is aged in 50% new American and 50% 2nd and 3rd fill French oak barrels, I don't get any oak on the nose or palate. Kudos to the winemaker for keeping the oak in check. Palate is a bit tart with the unripe raspberry and cranberry fruit. Starts off rather thick and syrupy, but after an hour or so the acidity starts to assert itself and lighten the wine. Moderate tannins. Finish is long and slightly bitter with tart fruit and hickory smoke. Overall, just seems to be lacking in richness. A slightly disappointing $14.


  1. Oh, that: "distressing rubber/tar aromas." All too common, and a big downer for me, especially if it carries onto the palate; thanks for the heads-up. Some months ago I picked-up a number of bottles of the Boarding Pass 2007 Shiraz, South Australia for $8.99, and I could hardly have been more pleased.
    Let me know if you've tried that, I'd be interested in your thoughts.

  2. I haven't had the Boarding Pass in a couple of years, but I remember it being a pretty nice wine. And $8.99 is a really good price. I think I was paying about $15 for it.

    Had another disappointing bottle tonight marred by those burnt/tar/rubber aromas and flavors tonight - the 08 Raptor Ridge Pinot (Oregon). Just nasty. No interest in finishing the bottle.

  3. Nasty is not a good descriptor! );-<
    Is that two in a row?
    I was meaning to ask if your Halloween wine "thing" was of any consequence?
    I have found a number of blogs that had gone with the idea, and why not; any occasion to add wine to our celebration is a worth occasion!
    Be good Bill,

  4. I couldn't talk the owners into doing a whole Halloween theme for our Wine of the Month club. But I was able to bring a couple of cases of the Velvet Devil into the store. It was a really good mover. Thanks for the rec!