Monday, August 23, 2010

Farm update....

If you follow my page on Facebook, you might remember that we had a wooden playscape blow over in a rough storm a few weeks ago.What the picture doesn't show is how much of the wood was splintered and many of the metal supports were twisted beyond repair.

So we've spent the past few days taking the playscape apart and putting it back together for the benefits of the chickens or dogs. Anything we put to good use just about everything salvageable. The rock climbing wall became a feeding/watering platform for the chickens.

The ladder is now used for roosting and climbing into their roosting boxes.

The main floor of the playscape was left pretty much intact after the storm. We then modified to make it a chicken coop that we can keep the chickens in when we clean or modify their main coop. We even used the chains from the swings to hang the feed container.

The only thing we haven't thought of a good use for is the monkey bars assembly. Any ideas out there?

The rest of the wood (very fragrant cedar) is destined for a bonfire in the new fire pit that I made this morning; mostly from rocks that were being used as a fire pit down by one of the ponds.

If I may indulge in a NASCAR-like moment, I'd like to thank my DeWalt power tools (sander and two cordless screwdrivers), my Ryobi compound miter saw and my John Deere L130 who did all the hard work in hauling a ton of rock from the pond to the back yard. My Gorilla ladder (a cheaper knock-off of the Little Giant) was invaluable as were numerous boxes of Multi-Mate brass screws - those things are so awesome! And finally I'd like to thank New Glarus Brewery in New Glarus, WI for making Stone Soup Belgian Ale, Spotted Cow Ale and Moon Man "No Coast" Pale Ale; of which many were consumed after long, hot days under the Kansas sun.

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