Thursday, September 1, 2011

#2008 Dunning Cabernet Sauvignon

I thought I'd open a Cabernet tonight to celebrate the second annual #CabernetDay To be honest, I'm not sure how that whole "hash tag" thing works but the info said to include that in your post so it could be found easier by people doing internet searches. Is this some kind of Twitter thing? Anyway.......

2008 Dunning Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles - Frankly, a bit disappointing. Nice, deep color that I've come to expect from this winery. Seems to lack a bit of richness in the nose. Rather than the blackberry and dark cherry of previous vintages, this one smells more of unripened raspberries. The licorice and new French oak are there on the nose and palate, but so are the green tobacco and tart fruit. The 14.2% alcohol isn't out of line for this winery's offerings. The finish is long and dusty.

From most reports, 2008 was a below average year for Bordeaux varietals in Paso Robles. The Tablas Creek website claims a heat spike forced grape growers to pick before they wanted to. This, of course, could account for the tart fruit and generally unripe characteristics of this wine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my other three bottles somehow show a little better than this one did.


  1. I meant to ask you, what's with the # sign?

  2. Hell if I know. I think it's some kind of social media thing that allows people on Twitter to search key words more quickly. But I'm not on Twitter, so what do I know?