Sunday, January 13, 2013

2010 Clayhouse Adobe White

I know I haven't been posting much here lately. I've been quite busy now that the distributorship is up and running. In my first week of peddling wine, I've succeeded in getting our wines placed in 6 or 7 retailers as well as 2 wine bars. I'm particularly proud of the fact that everyone who has ordered wine from me has taken on multiple cases of multiple wines. That tells me that our initial offering of wines from Dunning and Lucas & Lewellen was a sound choice. Not a bad start. But much, much more room for growth.

I've mostly been drinking our own wines as well as one amazing Chenin Blanc that we are bringing on as soon as the paperwork gets finalized. But I did manage to find the time to cook up a good meal of fish tacos and enjoy a delicious bottle of 2010 Clayhouse Adobe White, Central Coast tonight. I've enjoyed numerous bottles of this winery's Clayhouse Red in the past, but this was my first time with this blend of 46% Viognier, 27% Sauvignon Blanc, 16% Grenache Blanc, 9% Other White and 2% Chenin Blanc. The color is bright and clear with brassy highlights. The nose is reminiscent of a Torrontes with its effusive floral and orange blossom scents with highlights of candle wax and thyme. Crisp and tart on the palate with lemon and orange pith notes and a thick, waxy texture. No oak here, but there is a hint of yeasty smokiness from the sur lie aging. Really over-delivers for $12.99 and a true OMG wine pairing with fish tacos with shredded cabbage, homemade guacamole and chipotle crema.

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